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A story of sacrifice and survival follows the journey of a World War II hero as he reflects on his experiences in life and in battles with the enemy.

– Reviews for A Louisiana Soldier: Willis A. Fontenot:


“I thoroughly enjoyed the book. As a retired military officer and history teacher, I loved the balance between the human interest aspects of the story and its relationship to the historical events of World War II. Much in the vein of “Band of Brothers”, “Saving Private Ryan”, and most recently “American Sniper”, one can feel the loneliness, pain, terror, confusion, and lasting impact that the experience of war can have on the individual participant. I was especially touched by the underlying story of the romance between Willis and Girlie. Dianne Dempsey-Legnon has captured all of this in a well written and engaging tale of her father’s wartime experience.

Herb Boasso, USAF Ret.


“Willis Fontenot. I do remember him. He was a mighty fine Cajun in our outfit.”

Captain W.B.Hinchcliff, 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion, Company B Commander Ret.


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